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'm pleased to be here today to tell you about an exercise we conducted this past summer in hawaii as part of rim of pacific exercise which involved 22 participating nations and this offered us a venue to be able to conduct a humanitarian and disaster relief exercise with all the different partners that we had together and collaborating with this exercise, this offered a perfect opportunity for us to introduce the military capabilities and interaction in exchange with our civil military partners as well. the exercise was located on oh oahu we had used that island as a fictitious island of chianti where we wanted to do a humanitarian response but it also provided us an avenue for the state-wide partners, the civil hawaiian partners, to be able to exercise their exercise as well. this exercise also allowed us the opportunity to intro daus a lot of technology to help with the interoperatability of the civil military exercise. one of the main goals that we had for this was to allow our military a crisis response adaptive force package and opportunity to allow their training and certification
this is your last meeting, you're going to hawaii, good luck, (singing( ) fly the ocean in a silver plane. the islands, when wet with rain, remember we will miss you here, and all your work with disabilities (singing) we will be alone without you. maybe you will see the water blue, blue. and you will have a lot of warm climate. and it will make you smile in the island sun. and i hope but most of all, you have lots of fun... whether i'm disability right, disability wrong, whether i find a place in the city, i've got to be me, i've got to be free, with disability, i'm willing to try, do it or die, i have to be disability free. our world -- is waiting for you. i know you won't fall down. you won't settle for disability. if you could have it all. i've got to be free. you've got to have a better disability, willing to try, do it or die. you've got to be disability free. thank you. see you later. >> thank you so much mr. poston, you always brighten our day. aloha. do we have - this is a familiar face, our next public speaker is my former cochair -- welcome back. >> thank you very much. i a
patients and that also showed a great partnership. this is the health care association for hawaii and this is the part of the agency that helped us coordinate the medical response part of this. they were able to conduct a 50-bed disaster medical assistance team hospital on the island of oahu and this allowed the state of hawaii to be able to exercise their state-wide disaster drill. one of the things that hawaii has never been able to do is to be able to practice together in one live exercise. they have all of their processes, how they're going to respond in a local disaster situation, but they have never been able to really put that to use. and being able to partner with us during the rimpac exercise offered them the opportunity to do that. we also had a lot of civil military interaction by us providing a lot of capability for them to be able to exercise their disaster plan as well. you see some patients here in the moulage. they were able to moulage and fake wounds and put triage information on over 125 casualty actor patients. and we were able to triage them tlau that 50-b
and hawaii. in hawaii, kerrey is coming of highlights. gary for stricter gary radnich [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> good evening, everybody the most important game was in hawaii. take a look. number one bailor, with 42 in a row. 6 ft. 8 in. brittny griner hasn't
made her out to be a swimsuit model, which will be handy in hawaii. seriously, when i got to look into the insight of her to get to know her i saw a person with extreme passion for the work she has done in the disability community. she has always excelled. she make sure it is not done halfway decently, but done well. she has been such an influence on me. i have learned so much from her. and i know that she has also taught many of us in this room a lot about disabilities. and through personal experience. it was also nice to be part of the dynamic duo; the blind and the deaf. we made a good combination together. in between the two of us, it was always something to cherish very very much. thank you for all of your service. thank you for everything that you have done for the council. and thank you for everything that you have done for me as well. i do hope that you have fun in hawaii. thank you. >> i am deeply touched. the sentiment goes both ways. i think we were a great team in retrospect. i wish what we were able to -- upon the council. that passion and commitment and de
our cameras have found on the beaches of hawaii. the debris that continues to pile up from the tsunami in japan so long ago. >>> and later, we have been told to expect a big announcement about what the rover has discovered on mars. what could it be. >>> the tsunami in japan was almost two years ago, and yet wait until you see the pictures of what we found on the beach in hawaii. the amount of debris washing ashore, and there is more coming right behind it. nbc's miguel almaguer has our report tonight from hawaii >> reporter: on the southern tip of the big island, disaster in paradise. >> we're pulling more than two 2,000 pounds off the beach if not more >> reporter: this makes the overwhelming cleanup effort here difficult, what many call the world's dirtiest beach. an estimated 20 tons of garbage washes to shore here every year. >> we're the hub of loads of debris washing up from all over the map. >> reporter: now, more and more debris is washing up from japan, more believe it is an oncoming wave. a ten-mile stretch of garbage, bottles and fishing nets even a refrigerator has washed a
. >> dana: the reporters would have complained if they spent 21 days in waco. but 21 in hawaii could be worse. he said let's make sure we get it done before christmas. get it done on december 16, sign it, get out of town. >> eric: $4 million. >> bob: if he was in the bathroom at the white house it would cost $4 million. >> eric: december 17 to january 6. fiscal cliff hits december 31. smack dab in middle of this vacation. he snub hawaii, body surfing. >> kimberly: conduct unbecoming. he said in the last 30 days he got woke up in one debate. other than that, he is kicking it on the "the view." check me out. pinch with a limp. >> brian: i believe he knows it's his economy now. clearly. he goes on vacation. if this is done he is not body surfing. he knows he will be tortured and ongoing katrina. john boehner is frustrated after a closed door meeting with geithner. >> eric: brian's point, vacation is on because president obama knows he has a deal. >> dana: i don't think -- well, one, the present doesn't have a spending cut plan. why is everyone looking at us. where is your plan, sir? now
of women will hold u.s. senate seats in january. after victories in massachusetts, north dakota, hawaii, wisconsin and nebraska, five new female senators will be on capitol hill. that's 20 women senators, a net gain othre for massachusetts, north dakota, hawaii, and wisconsin, these women are the first female senators from their states. hawaii's mazie hirono will be the first asian-american female senator, and wisconsin's tammy baldwin the first openly gay senator. at least 77, possibly 79 women will take their seats in the house of representatives, only a modest gain. the number of democratic women in the house will rise from 51 to 63. republicans added one woman. in new hampshire, another first. the election of a female governor and two women to the house, makes it the first state to be led primarily by women. the classic women's issue -- reproductive rights also made history in this election becoming for the first time in decades a winning issue for democrats. >> so, congresswoman norton, what was the most historic aspect of the 2012 election? >> bonnie, the election of '12 was a str
in hawaii, not in kenya. >> i looked into that before he was sworn in for the presidency. we went down into the library of congress and we found the micro fish there, only two in hawaii. each had published the birth of barack obama. it would have been hard to fraudulently file the birth notice of barack obama being born in hawaii. there doesn't mean there aren't other ways they could have announced that by telegram from kenya. >> maybe she neglected to consider that naming her son barack obama might be a problem for her son's future run for the united states. have a great holiday weekend! in. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. with his wife, danielle, almost every weekend. derrell hasn't been able to visit his mom back east in a long time. [ shirley ] things are sometimes a little tight around the house. i wasn't able to go to the wedding. [ emily jo ] since derrell couldn't get home, we decided to bring home to him and then just gave him a little bit of help finding his way. ♪ [ laughs ] [ applaus
in the pacific, it's massive. look at what happens when we -- we're going to hawaii. this is streaming from the very low latitudes. it's getting pulled into this series of systems we're looking at one, two, three or four of these will be very wet rain producers. as we get into the next 12 hours or so, 24 hours these clouds are going to start to thicken up quite a bit and we'll see increasing clouds for the day tomorrow and rain in the very near future and there's a lot of it coming our way. i'll have the latest computer model and we'll bring it down. it's going to start raining wednesday, and it's going to be wet in the bay area through early next week. i'll have more on your weather segment, see you back here. >>> even so that first storm is still more than 24 hours away a lot of people are starting to gear up and debora villalon is joining us and she's finding out how people are getting ready. >> reporter: it's so dry and calm it's hard to believe it's going to change that much and that fast. but that's why this house has bags and sand on hand. at san rafael's public works yard they've be
to hawaii. this is streaming from the very low latitudes. it's getting pulled into this series of systems we're looking at one, two, three or four of these will be very wet rain producers. as we get into the next 12 hours or so, 24 hours these clouds are going to start to thicken up quite a bit and we'll see increasing clouds for the day tomorrow and rain in the very near future and there's a lot of it coming our way. i'll have the latest computer model and we'll bring it down. it's going to start raining wednesday, and it's going to be wet in the bay area through early next week. i'll have more on your weather segment, see you back here. >>> even so that first storm is still more than 24 hours away a lot of people are starting to gear up and debora villalon is joining us and she's finding out how people are getting ready. >> reporter: it's so dry and calm it's hard to believe it's going to change that much and that fast. but that's why this house has bags and sand on hand. at san rafael's public works yard they've been moving a mountain of sand into neighborhood low kaeugs. and 400 sandbags
'm from hawaii last year same thing happened in hawaii. except they didn't flip the letter they spelled it olny. the joke was only in hawaii it's only in only in hawaii and mississippi. we're in good company. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. police make another arrest in the deliberate torching of a muni bus. >> i'm sandhya patel. a winter storm on the way. when it will arrive and what it will bring coming up. >> and outlook stores coming to the bay area that could be a big boon for folks down on their luck. >> have enough money to fund schools as our constitution requires.. >> governor brown applauds californians for willingness to tax them selfs to support schools and colleges.. >> good evening. the governor promises to be responsible for funds. the state will be collecting. voters gave governor brown a vikt wri nearly 54% voted in favor of proposition 30 saving the state $6 billion in what would have been drastic cuts. democrats now have a super majority in sacramento. which could allow them to increase more tax was out going to
for the 26th annual countdown at the embarcadero building lighting. what does this mean to you? >> hawaii and san francisco have had a long love affair for years so it's a natural fit for hawaiian airlines to be part of this tradition. we are going on our fourth year here. it really connects us. it's all about community family tradition. >> you have cold weather and rain like this in hawaii. >> we have some rain but not quite as cold. it's a nice treat. >> reporter: besides the dancing we have a wonderful festivity here with people gathering and i have to tell you as soon as we have this gathering each and every year, this is my 15th year involved with this this kicks off the holiday season in san francisco. coming up, the next time around about 6:45, we are going to be doing the official countdown to the lighting of the embarcadero center buildings here, 17,000 lights. >> mahalo aloha... >> back to you in the studio. ! >> real designer goods and really cheap. we go undercover at a popular bay area flea market. >> i just want to ask you about the stuff that you're selling over here. >> r
and great shopping. >> that one, too, fairly reasonable. let's go to hawaii. you have to carve out a lot of time in order to make that big trip, but tell us specifically about the kahala hotel and why it is one to visit. >> the kahala, every president since lyndon johnson has stopped by here, including barack obama in his 2008 presidential campaign. he had an event here. it's a peaceful hotel on 800-foot white sand beach. there are some fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. that costs from $661 a night at the moment. >> wow. it's a gorgeous scene no matter what. no matter where you are in hawaii, who is going to complain? >> exactly. this is just ten minutes from waikiki, but it feels completely isolated. >> that's kate maxwell from jet setter. for more tips visit . >>> we'll bring president obama's speech to you live. imimagaginine e ifif y yod alalwawaysys s seeee l e [m[mususicic]] inin t thehe b besest t lil. eveverery y titimeme o of f. ououtdtdoooorsrs, , oro. trtranansisititiononss® ls auautotomamatiticacalllly y fift ththe e ririghght t amamouountn. soso y
and locations. it does work with you on locations. it can tell you where all the shots were taken in hawaii. you cannot look at a map and say, where are my hawaii pictures? very interactive. a wonderful interface. again, three modes. advanced, intermediate, and begin her. >> who would buy a camera like that? that looks at the major investment. >> 36 megapixel nikon. the professionals were advanced amateurs would buy them, but you don't need this. >> , question my. >> $3300. >> but there's a couple other things. i took a wonderful shot of your studio. i take pictures all the time where i don't want to carry an action phone. >> they are easy enough to share. >> it's all integrated into the operating system so you can share them on twitter, facebook, e- mail. >> just two tips. you are gathering the family for a picture, any two things you should do. >> take a number of pictures. you have the blinkers, the bunny ears, people not paying attention. i would say 15 seconds of pain, lifetime of memories. get outside. don't do it all endorsed. >> we are going to leave you. first of all, i will thank you.
in hawaii. -- grew up in hawaii. it makes him an honorary asian- american. he is the first asian-american president as well. tonight's events would not be possible without our community partners. a group that helped make all this happened, i am going to read them all. the asian business alliance, asian law alliance, the asian pacific american leadership institute, chinese-american cultural association, chinese american political association, citizens for better community, culture to culture, why in the chamber of commerce of northern care of -- kawai and chamber of commerce of northern california, northern california chinese athletic association, national association of american professionals, national federation of independent business, national federation of filipino americans, the filipino chamber of commerce, around of applause for all of our community partners, please. that was a lot. [applause] >> i am so glad he had to do that. our next speaker is u.s. congressmen. he is representing the 15th congressional district of california in the u.s. house of representatives. in con
you and love you. and maybe you will become councilmember in hawaii and invite us over to your part of the country so we can observe what they're doing in hawaii in the disability community. we will stay in touch. i also wanted to do something. (correction) give you something. i want to thank you so much for all the work that you have done for our community. and continued work. i want to see you continue to work. you are so good. you have the compassion. you have the goal of being a real people person. people would love you anyway whether or not you are working on our committee. there are places where i know you will contribute. thank you so much for all of your hard work. thank you so much. >> that's wonderful. would like to take a photo. >> thank you so much. basically i have been given a certificate of honor. in grateful appreciation for many years about sending service and dedication to the citizens of san francisco. what you saw displayed is the dedication that the advocates have in san francisco and the support and love that they provide to each other. we are a model.
's basketball team took care of business tonight in hawaii! could the warriors start their 3-game road trip with a win in minnesota? ,,,, [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. are without their star forwd kevin love.. >>> warriors wanted to start that 3-game road trip on a positive night against the timberwolves. seth curry finished with 6 assists. weep call this excellent ball movement! david lee finishes that off, 18 points for the game. nice little pass, the other man was harrison barnes! the drive, the pretty move, the bucket! warriors win this one. >>> cal bears against denver. a little hustle off the rebound. rob ut
a blunder. >> san francisco is way up here, hawaii is down here, find out why the rain falling over the big island now could be a big problem for our forecast later this week. . >> right now the body of the former pal state prison yan leader is -- pal sign yan leader is being removed. many of the people believe israel poisoned him. his body will be reintired in a few hour. >> reinterred in a few hours. >> stow was left with permanent brain damage from a betting out -- beating outside of the dodger's stadium last year. they are seeking reimbursement and he and his family are suing the team for lifetime medical expenses. >> a group of young oakland athletes is also headed to a championship game. chris introduces us to this group of student athletes who soar on the field and in the classroom. >> the snaps, the tackles, the whistle, take a close look, these kids playing pop warner on a field in west oakland are some of the best in the country. >> this whole year, we only got scored on one time. >> when it gets to game time, we're ready and focussed. >> this is where the rubber meets th
's the reason why it will change. we have the pineapple express. a plume of rainfall direct from hawaii that will be aimed squarely at the bay area and northern california. these are the rainfall totals we're expecting. up to eight inches of rainfall for sonoma. the timetable for all this coming up in about 10 minutes. >>> a bay area man under arrest after police tell us he tried to hang his girlfriend from a backyard tree it happened many fremont. >> the frantic 911 call came from this cluttered backyard at the end of beatrice street and fremont. she had her hands around her back and noose around her nec. >> he told her he was going to kill her and he was planning to hang her. >> daniel howard got into an argument with his girlfriend last night at some point he bound her hands and strung a noose over a branch. when police officers confronted him in the backyard they say he used her as a shield. and that he had taken up the slack in the rope and was ready to kick out the barrel from underneath her feet. >> howard shoved his girlfriend down an embankment. she suffered only minor injuries
stories making news early today in america. >>> hawaii's big island is buzzing with excitement over the orange glowing oozing volcano that is erupting there at the kilauea volcano. tourists and locals are rushing to find the best locations to watch the eruption of steam billowing from the collision of lava and seawater. it's the first time lava has reached the pacific ocean this year. >>> well, next to florida where a water cooler kept a fisherman from drowning. look at him. the man stayed afloat for some seven hours after a large wave capsized the boat carrying him and his brother during a fishing trip. his brother was able to swim ashore, but the man clung to the lid until rescue crews arrived to pull him out. >>> a clean-up effort at one georgia school uncovered a classic collection of toys and books. staff at bethesda elementary discovered the rare find in the school's basement. the principal plans to preserve the antique items and display them for students. >>> and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in washington, d.c., as the official u.s. capital tree has arrived. th
. >> pineapple juice of course being referenced to obama being from hawaii. >> hawaii. it'd be hawaiian roots. all right. so you shake it up. and that's that one. >> just going to add a little bit of club soda to the cocktail. now the romney drink now. >> romney drink is the root beer sort of floaty drink right? >> the romney drink is a traditional nonalcoholic beverage, we know president -- governor romney does not touch the hard stuff. >> that's right. we've got less than a minute to do this so we've got the ice. we've got the root beer. right? >> we are going to start with -- >> we've got the organic. >> ice cold dominion root beer. >> in the one did want to have an alcoholic version of the drink. >> this is actually my kind of drink the one without any alcohol in it. >> so that we know whipped cream is very rich. governor romney we know is also very rich and we top that with a caramel drizzle. >> two good looking drinks. >> a couple of sprinkles of kosher coarse salt. >> that's fantast, two great things at the topaz bar. >> also got great food specials and all of the items under $5 will b
's different. spending his time between folly and hawaii. he's away from his family a lot. >> tough life. >> a hawaiian reunion with his entire family, a time lapse of the table, see all the food just disappearing. >> was in a bit of a transthere looking at all the food. whoa. >> we lost you. come back to us. >> an awesome surfing video but a better eating video. >> most of us eat, george, watch tv, eat some more, watch tv. no. jones and his extended family eat, surf, eat, surf. >> how do you eat turkey and then surf. the tryptophan alone will make you want to nap. >> then w]se not surfers like they are. look at those waves. >> you've got to figure. it's thanksgiving. the beach is probably empty. the water to yourself. you and your family can do what you want out there. >> pretty neat tradition if you're a pro surfer in hawaii. >> tomorrow, they are crazy duck eggs. chuck from the bronx is going to try to eat six. >> they are gross. >> see if he can hack the ancient egg feast. >>> still to come, who do you think you have to thank for the national thanksgiving holiday. it's not who you th
president obama's mother managed to convince us all that her son was born in hawaii, not in kenya. >> i looked into that before he was sworn in for the presidency. we went down into the library of congress, and we found a microfish there of only two newspapers in hawaii. each of them had published the birther barack obama. it would have been awfully hard to fraudulently file the birth notice of barack obama being born in hawaii. that doesn't mean that there aren't some other explanations on how they might have announced that by telegram from kenya. the list goes on. >> by telegram. i guess she neglected to consider, the mother, that naming her son barack hussein obama might be a minor setback for her son's future run for the presidency. of the united states. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. have a great holiday weekend. a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wa
is the set up. there is a tropical moisture plume that is literally direct from hawaii. it is called the pineapple express. well guess what, it will be expressing itself right into the bay area as they set up the perfect location to bring all this rainfall in. how much rain? how about five to eight inches of rain in sonoma county by the end of this weekend. we'll break things down more for you and tell you when things will start and end in a few minutes. >> all right, thanks. >>> a california family swept away. the chain of events that had a teenager and his parents caught in the mix. >>> the only untouched natural dune in daily city may soon be home -- daly city may soon be home to a new developer. >>> soda strikes again. the unexpected ailment that your favorite soft drink could be bringing to your knees. ,,,,,,,, mother and father. >>> the coast guard called off for a search for a 16-year-old boy who was swept away along with the mother and father. in an effort to save the dog, all three were overcome by waves as high as 10 feet. the dog eventually managed to get out on its own. >
, ladies, i want to focus on hawaii. our 50th state something we don't tend to do enough. we need to see the love for hawaii. look at that. 80 degrees for all of the islands and if you want to see weather in your neighborhood tweet me janice dean fox. >> your personal weather woman. >> alaska yesterday, hawaii today. >> now it is time for a look at your starting lineup. sports stories of the day. first up thursday night football. the atlantic falcons defense making all of the difference. they interrupted new orleans saints quarterback drew brees five times. it is a key win 21-13. they remember this one all too well. mariana rivera tearing the acl at the beginning of the last season. it is not over for the sand man. the yankees and rivera have agreed on a one-year $10 million deal. >> could the end of the road be near for u.s. women's goalie hope solo. team usa's new coach takes over in january. will solo be in his plan? the question is whether the new coach thinks her play out weighs the controversy she is known for. >>> it is now about 20 minutes before the hour. no food, no heat and no
in hawaii. >> the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. so far not looking too good. coming up an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] may your holidays be merry and bright. magna high school students in hawaii had front row seats for this hot lava show at the kilauea volcano. they >>> here's a sight that even dr. evil could appreciate. liquid hot magma! high school students in hawaii -- i tried -- students in hawaii had a front row seat for 24 hot lava show. this is kileaua volcano. they tagged along with a documentary film crew last week filming active volcanos in hawaii national parks. the last time lava made it to the ocean was last december. they got quite a show. >> you didn't do the pinky. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> go ahead. >> you do that well, frank. >> dr. evil today! >> i am dr. evil! we have the storm moving in. i'll tell you what, high-def doppler radar showing you the system looks very, very impressive right now. if you are just about to head out the door, check this out right now. look
a look at the seven states that you guys have identified. oregon, colorado, minnesota, new jersey, hawaii. how did you arrive at these states in particular? >> well, craig, there are a number of states across the country that are looking at the issue of marriage equality. so it goes -- it starts in the east coast with rhode island and goes across the country all the way to hawaii where state legislators and fair-minded elected officials are standing up for full equality for all of their citizens. i expect in the next weeks and months ahead, you'll see a number of other victories. they're still going to be hard fought. our opposition is fighting day in and day out to keep marriage equality from reaching other states in this country. but they are losing their momentum. >> in which states do you guys think you've got your best chance at success? >> well, look, i am optimistic across the board where state legislators are considering this, because we have seen these victories with bipartisan support. for instance, in the most recent state legislative victories where we saw marriage equality pa
coming in from hawaii. now there's a way to make just about anything delicious. introducing new jif chocolate flavored hazelnut spread. whatever you put it on... reaches a whole new level of deliciousness. choosy moms choose jif. reacthere's no such thing whenas too soft. toilet paper, i know what i like. i like feeling both clean and pampered. why should i compromise? quilted northern ultra plush® with the innerlux layer. hawaii. they got front row seats for this lava show from the kilauea volcano. over the >>> a beautiful and rare sight for high school students. this is in hawaii. they got a front row seat for this lava show from the kileaua volcano. they were following a film crew. the last time lava made it to the ocean was last december. so some good timing for those documentary filmmakers and the students. >> can you imagine witnessing that? pretty cool. >>> all right. 5:15. lawrence and elizabeth are very busy this morning. >> they are about to get really busy because the rain is getting ever so closer. >> we have been checking out all our traffic cameras. look, we have rain
warren and tammy baldwin, and democratic congress member mazie hirono was elected in hawaii, becoming the first asian- american woman elected to the senate. also, the first woman elected from hawaii. this in its first buddhist and the first u.s. senator born in japan -- fukushima, japan. the other new women senators are republican nebraska state senator deb fischer and former north dakota attorney general heidi heitkamp. and those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. two weeks before the election of president obama privately revealed one of the essential factors to his re-election -- the latino vote. in a conversation with editors at the des moines register, obama said -- obama was right. latino voters turned out in record numbers on tuesday and exit polls show obama won 71% of the latino vote. mitt romney won just 27%, less than any presidential candidates published any republican candidate in 16 years. in 2004, george w. bush won 44% of the latino vote. for the first time, latinos made up more than 10% of t
-white guy from hawaii with this multicultural background. he was not "one of us." >> you can have more degrees than a thermometer, but if you ain't got some power, you ain't got some seniority, if you ain't got what it takes to be a congressman. >> that's always been a subtext of the opposition to him from other black politicians. how dedicated is he to the black struggle? >> despite all our differences, we can live together as one people... >> there's a long article about the race in tchicago reader, the local alternative paper in chicago, where one of obama's opponents, he says, "obama is viewed as the white man in blackface in our community." >> it got bad. it was real bad. a number of black nationalists in the african-american counity, you know, made all sorts of allegations about barack being a tool of, you know, hyde park and the university of chicago, which are both code words for both whites and jews. >> narrator: bobby rush's strategy worked. on election day, the voters embraced the incumbent. obama knew what was going to happen. >> in the end, voters decided to stick with bob
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